20.10.2010 - 23.10.2010


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19-th International Specialized exhibition outfit, accessories and tackles for hunting and fishing.

« HUNTING AND FISHING » will be held from the 20th till the 23th of October 2010 in the International Exhibition Center (Kyiv, Ukraine).

It is the largest exhibition in Ukraine on the given subjects.

The exhibition is held two times in a year - in spring and autumn.

Organizer – Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Co-organizer – magazine “Svit Rybalky”.

Simultaneously with exhibition “HUNTING & FISHING” there will be held International Specialized Exhibitions “OFF-ROAD”, “DIVING AND UNDERWATER HUNTING”.

The 18th International Specialized Exhibition "HUNTING AND FISHING" gathered more than 180 enterprises and organizations from Latvia, China, Russia, and Ukraine. The Exhibition was visited by more than 28 000 persons practically from all regions of Ukraine and also by specialists from other countries – Belarus, France, Belgium, Russia, Poland, Sweden.

  • The largest exhibition dedicated to the hunting and fishing in Ukraine
  • The exhibition is held in Kiev two times in a year - in spring and autumn
  • Full assortment of the goods for hunters and fishers
  • Presence of well-known trade marks
  • Contact to direct suppliers
  • Attendance – more than 28 000 persons

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