19.10.2010 - 21.10.2010
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Exhibitions in Ukraine
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Exhibition product indexes

About exhibition
  • Mineral base for production of articles made of stone and nonmetal construction materials (marble, granite, slab-stone, slates, chalkstones, etc.);
  • Machines and equipment for stone-working and stone quarrying;
  • Technologies, equipment and instruments for stone-working and stone quarrying;
  • Technologies and equipment for production of broken stone and sand made of building refuse;
  • Transportation, packing and storage of stone and nonmetal construction materials;
  • Equipment for nonmetal construction materials’ production;
  • Equipment and technologies for manufacturing materials and articles made of pebble gravel;
  • Utilization of stone and products of its treatment in building and construction;
  • Articles made of stone, marble and granite;
  • Specialized publications.

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